Brewiks Uninsulated Pressurized Cylindroconical Tanks

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Brewiks Uninsulated Pressurized Cylindroconical Tanks

Tanks are fully made of two layered quality stainless steel AISI 304/316 and are equipped with:

Simple uninsulated non-pressurized, closed cylindroconical tanks


  • Manhole on top which may be made of steel or glass;
  • Working pressure 3 Bar, liquid state;
  • Cooling is done through stripes on cylindrical and on conical part (UCT 100 and larger – individually).This technology is used in pharmaceutical equipment. This kind of cooling increases efficiency up to5 times comparing to standard double wall bubble jacket solution and assures better temperatureregulation insulation;
  • CIP spray ball;
  • Two butterfly valves;
  • Sampling tap,
  • Temperature sensor PT100
  • Temperature regulator,
  • Magnetic controller for cooling,
  • Air lock valve;
  • Safety pressure valve;
  • Pressure release valve for regulating fermentation under pressure;
  • Power cabinet.
  • Type

    Total Volume

    Volume toCIP ball

    UCT 25340 l310 l
    UCT 30410 l370 l
    UCT 50640 l590 l
    UCT 800 1.040 l930 l
    UCT 1001.300 l1.200 l
    UCT 1251.6501.550 l
    UCT 1502.130 l2.015 l
    UCT 1852.400 l2.330 l
    UCT 2002.700 l2.550 l

    *Price is inclusive of vat at 20%, this excludes delivery costs which will be quoted when your specific requirements are discussed, organise an appointment with one of our sales team email

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