Microbrewery Water Salts & Chemicals

There is nothing more important in terms of the core components of beer than water, without good brewing brewing water (liquor) you simply won’t brew a great beer - “Water is the largest component of beer"

What is brewing water called?

You will hear it commonly referred to as liquor , so liquor treatments come in both dried and liquid format. Water treatment can be broken into three areas, ph adjustment , sulphite to chloride ratio and off flavours chlorines or contaminates. Another term you will commonly hear is "water chemistry” so we need to get scientific on ions, hard or soft water and the alkalinity of our brewing water especially when reading the mash and wort ph.

How do I get a water report?

Your local water authority can provide a breakdown of what’s in your water or you can send a sample of your water to be tested specifically. This allows you to research what style of water best suits the beer style you are wanting to create, we can then use brewing water calculators to know what additions to make to adjust the composition of the water.

Need help with your water profile?

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