by Deborah Mitchell

Why Homebrew Your Own?

Homebrewing isn’t just about saving money and being frugal, its now possible to brew your own beer, cider and wine at home that is better than shop bought at a fraction of the price.

Homebrewing is a very rewarding and satisfying hobby, you can buy homebrew kits that can be made in approximately half an hour or you can brew beer for example from scratch using only water, malt, hops and yeast and it will take approximately 5 hours. A Wine Making Kit takes very little time to prepare, even top quality wine kits take no longer than 30 minutes to get fermentation started, on avaerage for a great wine you need to allow 30 days to complete the process. And again with Cider & Beer Making kits they take a few weeks to complete the whole process

Some people choose to make their own beer, cider or wine because they know whats going into it, many commercially brewed alcoholic products have many chemicals and additives, when you brew at home you have control of the contents.

The hobby of brewing usually leads to an activity that can be enjoyed with friends and many people regard a brewday as a social event, sharing their brews, creating new recipes and pairing it all with good food and some laughs

Personally I find brewing therapeutic and starting to brew your own isn’t as expensive as you would think.

Giving out homebrew gifts is an amazing way to add a personal touch to a gift, we have brewed wine for our friends’ weddings, we have made wine to give out at Christmas for gifts and we regularly share our beer brewing experiments with friends for constructive feedback.

Brewing can be as simple or complicated as you want to make it, we have brewing equipment for all budgets and levels of experience and we have the in house knowledge to help you brew successfully and consistently what I’m saying is anyone can homebrew, need help then please reach out, we love to help folk brew, it’s what we are passionate about, we started a homebrew revolution 5 years ago and we take great pride in helping you to brew exciting beers, ciders and wines.

A top quality home brewed beer, cider or wine will bring a smile to your face and make you very proud you created it!