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Wine Kits

Wine Making Kits

Making wine at home is now very rewarding, the quality of modern homebrew wine kits is exceptional, you can successfully and consistently make better wine that shop bought at a fraction of the price.

What are Wine Making kits?

Wine Kits are simply grape juice concentrated, some kits have different volumes of grape juice and usually the more juice the better the wine kit. Grape Juice is sourced from the finest wine growing regions around the world, you can now replicate a huge variety of wine styles from your home brewing set up.

Do Home Wine Makers need much experience?

Wine making from kits is much easier than commercial wine making as all the hard work has already been completed, simply follow the instructions and you will see modern wine kits are all inclusive, all of the wine making ingredients are included pre measured

If you want to get started and need help selecting a wine making starter kit then get in touch via email info@geterbrewed.com or drop us a message on one of our social media channels. Geterbrewed want to help you make wine successfully so you keep making consistently impressive wines

Selecting a Wine Kit?

Geterbrewed highly recommend the 30 day wine kits over the 7 day wine kit options, the quality difference is huge, thats not to say that you can't make a nice 7 day Pinot grigio that everyone will love but in general the red wine kits are best with more grape concentrate and the 30 day range is more impressive.

Grape concentrates are simply grape juices that have had their water removed through a high-tech vacuum process. Some kits are fully concentrated and you have to add water, and sometimes additional sugar (we have bundle options on these kits so you know which is which), before making the wine. Partially concentrated kits require less water added back. Because of that, they produce a wine that's truer to character.

We make alot of wine at home ourselves, we have brewed wine for our friends weddings and we regularly give homemade wine out as gifts, we hope you will enjoy one of our wine making kits, we have a range of the best wine kits in the industry