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Bright beer tanks are high quality build. Three­‐layered insulation pressurised tank (working pressure is 3 bar) with manhole on top and can be stainless steel or glass. Cooling is done through stripes that are in spiral shape on the wall and on lowest point on wall, this technology is used in pharmaceutical equipment. This kind of cooling increases efficiency and better temperature regulation.

Tanks are fully equipped with CIP spray ball, two butterfly valves, sampling tap, safety valve, air lock valve, carbonating stone connections and pressure release valve for regulating fermentation under pressure. Upper DN25 valve is also used as decantator, which enable to pump beer out from tank on different height level. Regulation is done with two-­‐line circular shape regulator, which is on front of a tank so user can monitor real time temperature on tank and also this regulator can be connected to central computer for central monitoring and regulation of tanks.

The power and connection cable of regulator goes between double wall on backside, so regulator is on front side and there is no cable to see on fort. Regulator open and closes magnetic valve or motorised valve for cooling regulation. Optional can be added valves also for heating.

Total volume
BBT25271 L
BBT30353 L
BBT40463 L
BBT 50616 L
BBT 100 1156 L
BBT 150 1656 L

*Price is inclusive of vat at 20%, this excludes delivery costs which will be quoted when your specific requirements are discussed, organise an appointment with one of our sales team email [email protected]

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